Creating a new cultural art that connects Okinawa to the future

Public Lectures held by the Research Institute between 2001 and 2010

Fiscal Year Public Lectures (Paid) Cultural Lectures (Free) Lectures for Recurrent Study
  • The Ryukyu Kingdom and Technology
  • Okinawan Culture Seen Through Movies II
  • Weaving Course for Experienced Weavers
  • New Perspectives on Ryukyuan Literature
  • Current Asian Music
  • Invitation to the History of Art and Science of Art
  • Experiencing the Climbing Kiln
  • Cultural Policy, Music and the Performing Arts of Asia, Japan and Okinawa
  • Reading the “Omorososhi” poem and song compilation
  • The Joys of the Ryukyuan Dialect
  • Backstrap Loom Weaving
  • The Expansion of Okinawan Popular Culture
  • Ryukyu Dance Lesson for Beginners
  • Gamelan Music from Bali for Beginners
  • Basic Theory of Weaving Course
  • Ryukyu Kingdom and the Culture of Metal
  • Weaving Intermediate Class (Design and Color)
  • Gamelan Music from Bali for Beginners (Practice
  • The People and Places Related to Yoshitaro Kamakura
  • Popular Music of Asian Countries
  • Balinese Dance Class (Beginner)
  • Balinese Music Class: Learning Gamelan & Keckak
  • Lecture on Okinawan Crafts
  • The Nature and Culture of Okinawa
  • Asian Music Seen in Movies
  • Theory and Practice of Balinese Dance
  • The Current Situation of the Study of Weaving and Dyeing in Okinawa
  • The Utaki and Okinawan Culture
  • The Modernization of the Ryukyuan Performing Arts
  • Introduction to the Wadaiko Drum
  • Performance of Gamelan Music as a Cross-Cultural Experience―Learning Balinese Music Culture
  • Balinese Dancing Lecture and Performance―With Ms. Rukmini
  • Learning About Okinawan Cultural Heritage
  • Preparing Patterns for Bingata Dyeing
  • Textile Product Development (Beginner)
  • The Restoration of the Ryukyuan Arts
  • Balinese Gamelan Course (Beginner/ Intermediate)
  • The Popular Entertainment Culture of Modern Okinawa