Creating a new cultural art that connects Okinawa to the future

University Library and Arts Museum

The University Library and Arts Museum building, located on the west side of Shuri-Tonokura campus, has two round ceramic reliefs decorating its most prominent outer wall. The first floor houses the library facility while the second floor serves as the Arts Museum, a depository of a variety of resources and art works. As of March 2017, the library collection comprised 78,562 volumes, 1,517 Japanese periodicals and 106 foreign-language periodicals. Also part of the library holdings are musical scores, as well as various audio-visual-format resources including videos, compact discs and laser discs. The selective accumulation and preservation of materials mainly relating to the fine arts of Okinawa and surrounding Asian countries at this library reflect its regional character.

Exterior of the University Library and Arts Museum

The Arts Museum collection consists of material gathered for education and research, and of outstanding works purchased from our graduates and postgraduates. It contains various objects such as paintings, sculptures, ceramics, dyed textiles, textile fabrics, lacquer ware, musical instruments, etc.
An outstandingly important resource is the Yoshitaro Kamakura Collection, which constitutes valuable material concerning Okinawan cultural assets lost in the Second World War. We also house the Kichiemon Okamura collection which comprises native Taiwanese dyed and woven textiles.
In the three exhibition rooms, displays of the Art Museum collections, student course work presentations, and individual and group exhibitions by teachers and students are regularly held. The Art Museum is successfully employed as a site for the development of artistic expression.