Creating a new cultural art that connects Okinawa to the future

University Organization

President, Vice Presidents, Deans

President Mr. Izumi Hatano
Vice President for Evaluations and Public Relations Professor Masato Abe
Vice President for Research and International Affairs, and the Dean of the University Library and Arts Museum Professor Tatsuya Mori
Vice President for Education, Student Affairs, and Admissions Professor Mitsuki Okada
Chief of the Executive Office Mr. Yuji Mori
Executive Assistant to the President, and the Dean of the Research Institute Professor Susumu Kumada
Dean of the Faculty of Arts and Crafts, and the Graduate School of Formative Arts Professor Junko Kobayashi
Dean of the Faculty of Music, and the Graduate School of Music Arts Professor Masaya Yamauchi
Dean of the Graduate School of Cultural Arts Studies Professor Hachiro Namihira
Assistant to the President Professor Yoshihisa Fujita

Directors of Centers and Offices

Director of the Evaluations and Institutional Research Office Professor Masato Abe
Director of the General Education Center Professor Yoshihisa Fujita
Director of the Admissions Center Professor Takeshi Kurahashi
Director of the Social Collaboration Center Professor Susumu Kumada
Director of the Student Support Office Professor Fumiaki Harimoto
Director of the International Exchange Office Professor Noriko Takara

Organization Chart

Organization Chart of Okinawa Prefectural University of Arts

Faculty and Administrative Staff

As of April 1, 2023
Category Current Number
President 1
Professor 38
Associate Professor 26
Lecturer 6
Assistant Professor 4
Supporting Staff 5
Subtotal 80
Administrative Staff 20
Total 100