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Email Reference List

To prospective students: classes and admission tests at OPUA are conducted in Japanese, and all the guidelines are provided only in Japanese.
For language requirements and other details, please visit here first.

As for the student exchange program, please check with the international office at your own university.

Division Faculty / Program Major Cource Email address
Faculty Arts and Crafts Painting kaiga@okigei.ac.jp
Sculpture sculp@okigei.ac.jp
Art Studies geijutsu@okigei.ac.jp
Design design@okigei.ac.jp
Crafts Dyeing senshoku@okigei.ac.jp
Ceramics tougei@ken.okigei.ac.jp
Urushi Lacquering
Music Performing and Composition Vocal Music seigaku@okigei.ac.jp
Piano kigaku2@okigei.ac.jp
Strings gengaku@okigei.ac.jp
Wind / Blass and Percussion
Composition seigaku@okigei.ac.jp
Music Culture Studies Musicology ongaku@okigei.ac.jp
Okinawan Culture and Arts Management
Ryukyuan Performing Arts Ryukyuan Classical Music ryukyu@okigei.ac.jp
Ryukyuan Dance and Kumiodori
Graduate School Formative Arts zokei@okigei.ac.jp
Music Arts ongei@okigei.ac.jp
Cultural Arts Studies(PhD) geibun@okigei.ac.jp
General Education and Teacher Training sougou@okigei.ac.jp
Research Insttitute k-jimu@ken.okigei.ac.jp
Library and Art Museum library@okigei.ac.jp
General Affairs Division general@okigei.ac.jp
Academic and Student Affairs Division kyomu@okigei.ac.jp