Creating a new cultural art that connects Okinawa to the future

Faculty of Arts and Crafts

This faculty has as its goal the fostering of those who, along with inheriting the rich artistic cultural heritage of Okinawa in areas such as traditional crafts, will create and develop new artistic culture, according to the founding principles and philosophy of the Okinawa Prefectural University of Arts.

Our graduates will obtain a Bachelor's Degree (Fine Arts), and after graduation they are expected to use the knowhow they have acquired as well as their cultural perspective in various fields, whether being as artists or craftspeople in their respective areas, continuing study as graduate students, working as civil servants or teachers, or working in positions within private enterprises related to their field of study.

Also, for those who wish to pursue a teaching position, they will be able to obtain a Lower Secondary School Teaching Certificate Type I (Art) as well as the Upper Secondary School Teaching Certificate Type I (Art, Crafts), after they complete the specific courses that satisfy the requirements of the Teacher's License Act.

Additionally, the students can obtain a curatorial certificate once they complete the requisite courses specified by the curator's program.

Students drawing

Departments and Majors

Department of Fine Arts

The Department of Fine Arts has as its goal the education and research of fields that have their bases on formative arts, and is divided into the Painting Major, Sculpture Major and the Art Studies Major.


Department of Design and Crafts

The Department of Design and Crafts is divided into the Design Major and the Crafts Major and has as its goal the education and research of formative arts that have applications in daily life.
Though our Design and Crafts Majors are separate, our instruction is unique in that it is influenced by the traditional crafts of Okinawan crafts, thus tying in the design and craft aspects together in a unique fashion.


Message from Dean

Dean of the Faculty of Arts and Crafts
Professor Junko Kobayashi

Our institution, the southernmost art university in Japan, is located in Okinawa, which is distinguished for its subtropical natural environment, and its unique history and culture. Once you step out of the campus buildings between your studies, you will be able to see the white clouds sailing across the strikingly blue sky and the colors of the trees and flowers shimmering in the powerful sunlight, and from our hilltop site where we stand, we can watch the sun setting over the sea.

Our surrounding rich natural environment provides our students with perfect motifs for their art works and is sometimes used as raw material. In addition, knowledge of Okinawan traditional culture stimulates our creativity, and reflecting deeply on the issues faced by modern Okinawa develops our ability to imagine for others and the world. Above all, the compassionate people of Okinawa with their active involvements in their local communities warmly accept those who are willing to learn, and provide them with a chance to evolve their ideas and develop multi-faceted perspectives.

We at the Faculty of Arts and Crafts are grouped into five majors, painting, sculpture, art studies, design, and crafts, and through those we provide thorough guidance from basic to advanced levels, by taking advantage of our small class sizes. Although ours is a compact university, it provides a curriculum and is equipped with facilities wherewith students can systematically acquire knowledge and advance their skills in their fields of specialism.

The pursuit of art is boundless, but I believe that if you stand up with commitment, you can explore your own skills and research areas, and acquire your own powers of expression. We aim to foster the creativity of motivated students and grow together.